Simply Teaching the Bible Simply

Rick Greene

Rick is a native of North County San Diego. He grew up in a very traditional church where he went to school K-8 and was a part of their youth group while in high school. In June 1998, he was invited to a Prophecy Conference in San Diego where he heard Pastor Chuck Smith teach about the soon return of Jesus Christ, and this created a hunger in him for the Scriptures.

Rick interned for 2 different Calvary Chapel churches in San Diego county while attending Calvary Chapel Bible College (CCBC) in Murrieta, CA (2000-2002). Upon graduating with a B.A. in Biblical Studies, he went on staff at CCBC serving as the Worship Leader for the campus and developing the worship program to train worship leaders to serve at other Calvary Chapels. (2002-2005)

While on staff at CCBC, Rick met and married his wife Liesl (2004), and a year later they moved to Wales, UK, to serve at Calvary Chapel Cardiff, Wales (2005-2006). He served as an assistant pastor and worship leader, teaching the Mid-Week Bible study for the church. He also helped establish the Calvary Chapel Bible College Extension Campus there in Cardiff, Wales.

Upon returning to California, Rick and Liesl served at a church plant in San Marcos (2006-2009) as an assistant pastor and worship leader until the Lord led them to plant Calvary Chapel Encinitas here in the Coastlands of San Diego (March 2009). They moved to Encinitas and met for their first Bible study on Sunday night August 16, 2009, meeting at the Clubhouse in the condo complex where they lived, and Rick was ordained in November 2009 at Moonlight Beach. On February 7, 2010, Calvary Chapel Encinitas had it’s first Sunday morning service.

Rick is also working a full-time job, and he loves spending time with his wife and 4 children. He also enjoys studying the Word, sports, hangin’ at the beach, or grabbing some coffee at the coffee shop.